The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Health and Safety

At the Leeds Vaccination Centres we take health and safety very seriously. We have robust protocols in place to minimise risks to safety but it is important that you are aware of how to report and issues should they arise. 

Staying COVID-safe

It is really important that we stay COVID-safe in the vaccination centres as well as outside. We have put clear social distancing markers around the facilities to help people maintain 2m distance and arranged furniture in the staff welfare areas to be 2m apart. Please do not rearrange the furniture.

In the vaccination centres themselves there are perspex screens, hand gel dispensers and access to fresh surgical masks should you need to change yours at any time during the day. Each team will be briefed on the protocols for cleaning equipment such as desks and pens in between patients. 

You will be asked to wear a surgical mask at all times when in the vaccine centre. 

Needlestick injuries

If you are a new member of staff recruited to work on the vaccination programme, you will be supported by Leeds Teaching Hospitals Occupational Health Team.

If you are a redeployed member of staff you will continue to be supported by your organisation’s Occupational Health service throughout your time as part of the vaccination programme.

If you have a needlestick injury whilst at the vaccination centre please follow your employing organisation’s reporting policies and processes, seek occupational health support, and alert your vaccination centre supervisor/shift manager as soon as possible.

Employer Contact Opening Hours
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

0113 2065228 

open 08.00 -17.00 Monday to Friday


Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

01924 3106031

open 08.00 -16.00 Monday to Friday

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

01924 3106031 

open 08.00 -16.00 Monday to Friday

Fire Safety

Please familiarise yourself with the site-specific information on fire safety this is clearly displayed within the vaccination centre. You should also review the Fire Safety Policy.

You must follow the following steps if the fire alarm is sounded:

  1. Evacuate the area immediately to the outside of the building
    2. Assemble at the nearest fire assembly point sign
    3. Do not collect personal belongs and shut all doors as you evacuate
    4. Dedicated assembly points are not provided. Use the nearest indicated assembly point
    5. Once the fire alarm is silenced, take this as an indication the incident is over and resume normal duties

Marshals and security officers are on hand to show people to the nearest safe exit. 

Whilst it is undoubtedly a difficult situation to be in, please remember to socially distance and wear a mask when possible. 

Reporting Safeguarding concerns

If you have any Safeguarding concerns please contact the following services:

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (Adult Safeguarding) 0113 20 66964
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (Children's Safeguarding) 0113 3923937
Adult Social Care 0113 2224401 (24hrs)
Children's Social Care 0113 3760336 (24 hrs)

Infection Prevention and Control: 

We take Infection Prevention and Control very seriously.  

Infection Prevention and Control precautions are employed across the mass vaccination sites, for both staff and patients, including but not limited to:  

  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Use of PPE 
  • Cleaning routines

More information on the IPC procedures for the site and details of PPE will be provided during your pre shift huddle. In the meantime please ensure you are familiar with the Infection Prevention and Control Policy. 

Information governance: 

Information governance is the discipline of ensuring that we comply with the legal rules, guidance and best practice relating to the collection, handling and protection of patient and staff personal data. Please ensure you are familiar with the Information Governance Policy. 

Freedom to Speak Up

Whether you are a new employee or an existing/redeployed member of staff, if you see or experience something that could cause harm or get in the way of providing safe care then please report it. If you want to speak to someone anonymously or in confidence then you can contact of the city's Freedom to Speak Up Guardians. They will talk to you in strict confidence and act on your behalf to raise concerns.  

Employing organisation Lead Contact

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Joe Cohen

07798 69 88 79 or  

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

John Walsh

07949 102354 

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

John Verity

07980 959407 

NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group

Rachel McCluskey 

Say NO to abuse

We have a Zero Tolerance approach to abuse and take any reports of abuse, violence and aggression very seriously. If you experience any form of abuse or aggression from a member of the public or another member of staff whilst working at the vaccination centre, here's what to do:

  • If you feel you are in danger, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible and seek help from our on-site security team
  • If you feel that someone could be a danger to themselves or others please alert security and your team leader as soon as possible 
  • Please report any incidents to your team leader and ask them to log an incident report.

Communications and media queries:

Staff members working at or for the Leeds Covid Vaccination Programme are expected to uphold high standards of professionalism when using social media in both a work capacity and a personal capacity if their social media profile or shared content identifies that they work for the NHS. 

If you are asked to be involved in any media or social media activity, the Leeds Covid Vaccination Programme communications team will gain your consent before publishing anything.  This consent could be verbal and if you do not want to be involved you should make this known at the time.   

If you are approached by the media, or have any queries please contact the LTHT communications team on 0113 20 64625 or If required out of hours please use 07717 805932. 

General Safety

As always, we advise staff to think of their own safety when arriving to or leaving NHS buildings. Keep mobile phones out of sight and be aware of your surroundings. We have marshals in place throughout the site so if you see anyone acting suspiciously please report to the nearest marshal or security officer.