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Your Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing is really important. We understand that working during COVID-19 has the potential to be a difficult time for everyone and our aim is to make sure that we have a Mentally and Physically Healthy Workforce delivering the vaccine. It is really important to look after ourselves, to ensure we are able to offer high quality care for others. There is a significant amount of support available both nationally and locally. We have put a number of things in place to support you to maintain your wellbeing whilst working here

  • We've made staff and clinical areas safe by ensuring people adhere to social distancing
  • Masks and hand gel are freely available
  • Drinking water is available in the staff welfare areas along with free tea and coffee
  • Facilities are also available for you to store and reheat food
  • There is a huddle held before the start of each shift and a team leader will check in with you during the day.

Looking after yourself and your team:

In order to perform your role to the best of your ability there are a few simple things you can do to take care of yourself and your team. 





Take your breaks  


Rest and sleep, when not at work  


Stay hydrated and eat lunch  

Food and exercise - eat healthy and try to do one form of exercise a day  


Follow guidance for removal and disposal of PPE  

Contact with family and friends - remain in touch  


Support each other:  

Take part in activities that are not work related  


Share your concerns  

Have time away from social media and the news  


Talk to your team members, leaders or managers  

Encourage team members to talk to each other  


Access further help and support if required (details below)  

Check in with each other 

Mental wellbeing services

If at any point during your shift you feel anxious, upset or concerned please speak to the nurse in charge, centre manager or your team leader. It is ok to feel like this; we all do sometimes. You may be able to talk through how you are feeling with one of these colleagues. If you feel you need further support or advice there are some services in place to help.

For new members of staff recruited to work on the vaccination programme please refer to Leeds Teaching Hospitals site.

For existing/redeployed staffs please refer to your organisations site, links can be found below.

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