The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


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Why become a member?

Becoming a Trust member enables you, along with over 10,000 other active members, to have more of a say in your local Trust and help us to understand the needs of our patients, carers and our local population. How much of a say is completely up to you, just let us know how much or how little you wish to be involved.

Who can become a member?

Anyone aged 16 years or over living in England and Wales can become a member. You don’t have to live in Leeds, but it is an advantage if you do as you will be contributing to the development of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. We provide specialist services to patients out of the Leeds area, across Yorkshire and the Humber Region and in some cases to the rest of England, so it’s important that we have a membership that is representative of all of those who access our services.

How will I be involved?

We use this website, newspapers, radio, and of course we also email members to give details about how to join the conversation. Our exclusive members’ magazine, Connect, will keep you up to date with all the relevant information about the goings on at the Trust. You may also be invited to talks and workshops asking you to contribute face to face with Trust staff.

What are the benefits? 

• Becoming a member is completely free
• You will receive twice yearly digital magazines, informing you of what’s going on at the Trust
• You can have a say in the services the Trust offers
• You can meet new people, public and professionals 
• As a member, you will be entitled to Health Service Discounts. Visit the website and choose the option ‘NHS Foundation Trust member’.