NHS Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber Workforce Information Portal

NHS Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber Workforce Information Portal

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This website provides the latest guidance and information for staff working at Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire & Humber.

NHS Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber is a unique facility to provide compassionate, high quality care to patients with covid-19, who require intensive support.

The facility represents the common purpose and collective endeavour of the NHS, public, private and voluntary organisations working together under extraordinary circumstances.

Our duty of care for patients and for all our staff is paramount. Our training, education and development approach is focussed on ensuring all our staff are protected to the fullest extent, that their health and wellbeing is supported and that they are equipped to work in the facility and provide the highest level of care for our patients.

The temporary hospital was opened on 21 April 2020 by Captain Sir Thomas Moore (AKA Captain Tom) at a virtual event. You can watch the ceremony here. The NHS Nightingale Hospital YH was put into 'standby' mode on 30 April, ready to be 'stood up' in the event that it is needed. 

On 4 June, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust commenced a new CT scanning service at the Nightingale to enable patients waiting for CT scans to be seen more quickly. The service provides both diagnostic and surveillance CT scans for a wide range of health conditions. 

A message from Steve Russell

Steve Russell JP

Hello, my name is Steve, and I am the Chief Executive of the NHS Nightingale Hospital based at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

Like all of the team involved, I did not ever expect this to become part of my day job.

We have all, in some way, had to stand up, step forward and play our part to help keep our amazing NHS going through these difficult times.

This temporary hospital here in Harrogate will provide critical care beds, if they are needed, to care for up to 500 people who are already receiving intensive care at other Yorkshire and Humber hospitals.  We’re an insurance policy: across Yorkshire and Humber we all agree we want to care for patients within the existing networks of acute hospitals wherever that is possible and we know trusts have put huge amounts of effort into planning surge capacity.

The Nightingale team worked around the clock, seven days a week, to build this hospital in a matter of days, and to plan how it will work clinically and operationally to ensure patients can be safely cared for here, if the hospital is needed. What seemed like an impossible task at the outset, has been made possible by the incredible determination, commitment, and sheer hard work of the people here, along with a very much needed sense of humour to get through some of the harder days.

The level of support we have received from people within your organisations and those across the region so far has been incredible and like no other multi-agency, multi-NHS programme I have witnessed before.  We could not have got this far without their support, many of whom have dropped commitments and worked on site at Nightingale to help.

Although we remain on standby, it is important that we remember why this hospital was built and prepare for the possibility that we will be called upon to support services across hospitals in the region in delivering the compassionate care that our NHS is known for around the world.

We know this is a big ask and we can assure you that you will be fully supported with training and education as well as health and wellbeing support.

I would like to thank every one of you working to care for patients during this difficult time. You are extraordinary - the pride of Great Britain!

Steve Russell

Chief Executive

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