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Please see the answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about Patient Hub.

How does it work? 

The majority of our outpatient clinics are now bookable on Patient Hub, but not all. Those clinics where you can use Patient Hub will send a text or an email inviting you to access Patient Hub using a link. You will be able to use the link for 72 hours. Do not worry if you do not use the link, an appointment letter will be sent to you in the post after 72 hours. 

Do I need to create a Patient Hub account and then remember a username and password? 

No, all patients with a registered mobile number and/or email address will automatically have access to this service. 

You will need to securely log in each time you access Patient Hub and the service is designed with security in mind. The text message or email regarding your appointment will be sent to you by the hospital. Once you click on the link, you will be asked for either your mobile number or email address and your date of birth to login.

This will be followed by a 6-digit authentication code which will be text or emailed to you. This forms the secure two factor authentication to enable login. 

How do I access my account? 

The hospital will send you a link by text message or email. You should then follow these steps:

  • Click on the link
  • You’ll be asked to enter either your mobile number or email address, together with your date of birth.
  • You will then be sent a 6-digit authentication code by text, or by email if we don’t have your mobile number.
  • Enter the 6-digit code. Please be aware this secure code only lasts for two and a half minutes.
  • You should be securely logged into Patient Hub.

Please note: If the appointment is for your child, please use your mobile number or email address and their date of birth to log in.

If we have duplicate record on our systems you may be asked to enter a User Verification Code when logging in, please enter this code that is sent to you at the end of the notification. 

What information will I get from Patient Hub? 

Patient Hub allows you to view all of your outpatient appointments, letters and messages in one convenient location. As well as access to all your appointment information, giving you the ability to confirm, request to rebook or cancel your hospital appointments. It will provide everything you would normally receive in the post.  

Do I need to download Patient Hub as an app from an app store? 

No, there is no need to download anything. Patient Hub is a web page that you can access at any time. When the hospital sends you the first appointment notification, they will send you a link to access Patient Hub. 

Is the link always the same? 

Yes, the link to your account will stay the same, so you can go back to any text message or email. Every time you are notified about an appointment you will get a reminder of the link.  

Can I change my appointment? 

Yes, you can either accept, request to rebook or cancel your appointment. If you have accepted an appointment, you can go back in and request to rebook or cancel the appointment at a later date.

Please note if you wish to cancel or rebook within 5 days of your appointment date, you will need to contact us using the phone number on your appointment letter.  

Can it help me with a diary reminder? 

Yes, you can click on a diary button to insert a reminder into your smart phone or computer calendar.

You’ll be able to choose how you are notified if you have a preference between text or email.

It is important that you make sure we have your correct contact details.  

Can everyone use Patient Hub? 

The majority of our outpatient clinics are now using Patient Hub, but not all. If you have a smart phone, tablet or computer, then you can access Patient Hub.

The initial link needs either a smart phone, tablet or a computer. If you do not have a smart phone you can receive the link and authentication code in an email. You need access to either email or text messages to use Patient Hub.

If you don’t have a smart phone or computer, don’t worry, you will continue to receive your appointment details by letter in the post, together with all the other information.  

How long do I have to respond to the invite text message or email? 

The link to your Patient Hub can be accessed at any time. When you log in you will be sent a secure authentication message to complete your log in. This secure code only lasts for two and a half minutes.

If you do not respond to the notification, you will be sent a further two reminder notifications.

If you do not respond to any of the notifications, your appointment letter will be posted to you.  

How do I access Patient Hub if I have accidentally deleted the text message or email? 

You can use this link to access Patient Hub

I clicked on 'rebook' but I haven't had a call back yet 

The hospital booking centre agents will call you as soon as they have availability.  

I cancelled my appointment using Patient Hub. How do I know it has been cancelled? 

You will receive a call back from the hospital to confirm your cancellation.  

What happens if I want to opt out, or still want to receive a letter in the post? 

You can access the link to opt out of future communications on Patient Hub or contact your hospital who can do this for you. Opting out also means you will not receive any appointment reminders.  

Will all my appointment letters be sent using Patient Hub? 

Yes, all letters and other extra information will be sent via Patient Hub. You can review them as often as you wish.  

How will I know where to go when I arrive for my appointment? 

Patient Hub has maps to download to your smart phone, tablet or computer.  

Will I receive follow-up appointments through Patient Hub? 

Yes, all appointment letters and information will be sent via Patient Hub.

If you have more than one appointment you will be able to see all of your appointments in Patient Hub. You can manage (accept, cancel or request to rebook) each appointment individually.

You can also look back at your previous appointment data, which is securely held in your space for 24 months.  

I want to access Patient Hub but I haven't been invited 

It may be that your outpatient clinic is not yet bookable on Patient Hub.

Please contact our Outpatient Referral and Booking Service, on 0113 5181823 who should be able to help.