The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Before your visit

You will know you are visiting hospital because we will send you a letter with details of your appointment - unless you have to go to A&E in an emergency.

Your letter will explain who your appointment is with, where it will be and what time you should arrive.

You may be coming to the Leeds Children’s Hospital because:

  • you need to have a test or examination
  • you need treatment for an illness or long-term condition
  • you need to have an operation
  • you have had an operation and need a check-up

Your letter will also say if you will be expected to stay in hospital and be an inpatient or if you will be seen and then be able to go home the same day - this is known as an outpatient appointment.

If you have any questions about your visit, you or your parents can contact the Leeds Children’s Hospital.


Getting ready to come in

There are things that you can do to plan for your visit whether you are an outpatient, day case or an inpatient.

  • Remember to bring your appointment letter with you
  • You may want to write down any questions you have for your medical team (we know it can be easy to forget things on the day)
  • Sometimes you may have to bring a sample of wee with you
  • If you take regular medicines, you should being a list of everything that you take

If you are an outpatient, we will try to make sure that your visit is a short as possible but there may be times when you have to wait so you might want to bring something to keep you entertained like a book, toy, smartphone or tablet to play games or read from.

You may spend a few hours in hospital - even as an outpatient and your letter will tell you if you have to fast (not eat or drink) before your visit. Even if you don’t have to fast, you may not be able to eat or drink on the ward.

If you are an inpatient, you will be staying at least one night on the hospital so you, as well as the things listed above, you should think about bringing: 

  • Pyjamas including dressing gown and slippers 
  • Toiletries like soap and shampoo
  • A towel
  • Your toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Contact lenses and solution or glasses - if you wear them
  • A change of clothes to wear in the day
  • If you have brought a smartphone or tablet, you may also want to bring a charger
  • Your favourite toy/teddy to keep you company
  • Nappies or sanitary items
  • A small amount of money
  • Books or magazines
  • Any mobility aids you may need like a wheelchair or walker
  • If you use a hoist to be lifted, don’t forget to bring your sling
  • Snacks or drinks - but don’t forget to check if you are allowed to eat them before your treatment.

Your mum or your dad (or whoever you want to bring with you) can stay with you on the ward and if they are staying, they will also need to remember to bring these things too.

If you have any questions about your upcoming appointment or hospital visit, the best thing to do is speak to the ward, clinic or department that you’re visiting. You’ll find details on your letter.