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Eating and drinking

eating and drinking

Food and drink

If you are staying overnight on the ward you will be able to choose from our menus.  We have different selections every day and provide for different dietary requirements but if you are unable to eat the food on the menu or needs something else, please talk to a member of staff.

You will have the choice of three meals a day:

  • Breakfast is usually between 7- 8am
  • Lunch is between 12 and 1pm
  • Dinner is about 5pm

You can read more about the food we provide in the hospital and the different type of menus available on our Patient Catering pages.  These include menu options for special diets too.

There are also a number of places around the hospital where you can buy food.

Sometimes, even if you are not staying overnight but have had an operation, our staff like to see you eat or drink something before you will be allowed to go home.  You will be offered something like toast or yoghurt to make sure that you don’t feel sick.