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Latest on new pathology laboratory works

25 November 2020

Work is due to start soon on the site of our new purpose-built, dedicated pathology laboratory on the St James’s University Hospital site.

Once up and running the new laboratory will serve hospitals across Leeds, West Yorkshire and Harrogate and will allow the Trust to bring many of its pathology services together into a purpose-built laboratory.

Built to accommodate cutting edge equipment and specialist technology, the new laboratory will be state-of-the-art and designed for fast, accurate, specialist testing.

Demolition of the old buildings and structures is due to start soon and there will be activity on site including the use of machinery and vehicles moving to and from the site. These will be kept to the daytime and we will inform you of any significant activity.Path Timeline 002




Some tree felling is planned for early December and will be followed by the main demolition of the old buildings on site - with the work continuing through to Spring next year.

Building work is due to begin later in 2021 and the new pathology laboratory is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2023.

The new laboratory will support hospitals to improve diagnostics for patients and help to meet the growing regional demand for specialist treatment and care - as well as developing staff to improve services.

It will also be part of a West Yorkshire and Harrogate pathology network currently being developed for the region.


Pathology St Jamess location v3

What is Pathology?

Pathology testing helps doctors to diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

Pathology is the study of samples from a person’s body - for example, blood or skin samples - to find out what is causing their illness and how serious it is. The results help doctors to plan the best treatment and care.

It covers all areas of medicine, from testing for cancer to preventing the spread of infection. It also plays a key role in research, for example by studying the effects of new drugs or finding new treatments for disease.

How the new building may affect you

The Trust is working to make sure the building will be a real improvement to the local surroundings.

  • It will replace old, unused buildings that will be demolished
  • It will be a bright, modern building with an attractive design
  • The Trust wants to develop a quality aesthetic look to the external design of the building which may include a range of materials or even a green wall
  • For any trees removed during the demolition we will plant more in the area around the laboratory
  • The new building will enhance this part of the St James’s University Hospital site
  • As it will be a busier area of the hospital site it will help improve security in the area

We will keep you updated on activity, but you can leave written comments at our email address: