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Generous donation following life-saving surgery for little Cain

22 July 2016

Patient Cain Patten, aged three, and his family dropped by the Leeds Children’s Hospital to present a cheque for over £2250 which will go towards Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy research and training.

Cain, who underwent a procedure to remove a brain tumour in May 2015, met up with Consultant Neurosurgeon Mr John Goodden, who carried out the operation, to hand over the generous donation. The money was raised to recognise the intervention of Mr Goodden and his team in saving Cain’s life after being diagnosed with the serious condition.

The money was raised through a special event at the Idle Working Men’s Club for friends, family and people living locally. On the day there were performers, a comedy act, tombola and a raffle, which all helped to reach the great total.

Cain’s dad, Carl said: “We’re really pleased with how well Cain is doing since his operation. I can’t thank Mr Goodden and the staff at the hospital enough. From day one they have done the very best for Cain. He rushed in especially on a Saturday to perform the surgery and has been there for us since.”

Aunt, Laura added: “The event was really great and everyone enjoyed themselves. All promotion of the event was done via social media and word of mouth, so it was good to see so many people turn out all for a good cause.

“We wanted to raise the money so that the Leeds Children’s Hospital can continue to support youngsters and their families in the future.”

Mr Goodden commented: “I was delighted to see Cain again and very pleased with how he is coming along after such a serious operation at such a young age. My colleagues and I would like to thank Cain’s family for their brilliant efforts!”

Cain Patten