The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Saying thanks with cake

9 June 2017

Heart of the Health Service are a charity dedicated to ensuring NHS staff are thanked for the amazing work they do for patients every day. And what better way to say thank you then with cake?

The charity is currently running a Cakeathon campaign where volunteer bakers are lending their time to create delicious cakes for teams across NHS services.

Several of our teams have already received thank-you cakes as a result of public nominations. Last week the Paediatric Allergies team at the LGI were nominated by a patient’s mum, Jo, who baked the cake herself. Jo wanted to thank the team for the “fantastic care” they’ve given her 2 year-old daughter since she was diagnosed with allergies at 6 months’ old.

Paediatric Allergies Team

We think it’s wonderful that our hard-working staff are given a boost in this way. Well done to the Paediatric Allergies team and everyone else who’s been nominated so far!

Heart of the Health Service are still taking nominations for teams. If you’d like to put forward a team who you think are especially deserving of thanks - and cake - head over to the website and let them know who the team are and why you think they deserve it.

The charity will then send a freshly-baked cake as well as a handwritten thank-you card to show that team your love and appreciation.

Nominations are open until the end of July: