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Family Integrated Care launches at LGI

13 September 2017

As part of Leeds Baby Week, the Neonatal unit at St James’s held a launch event celebrating the implementation of Family Integrated Care at the LGI. The St James’s unit was the first in the country to launch the scheme which has received great feedback from families who have been involved.

Professor Suzanne Hinchliffe CBE, Chief Nurse, who announced the LGI’s launch at a baby week event said: “The results we’ve seen at St James’s speak for themselves. It’s really quite incredible. I am very proud of the team and I look forward to seeing this replicated at the LGI.”

Family Integrated Care

At the LGI, the neonatal team care for babies who require intensive care, surgery or other specialist care. They have received full family integrated care training and are already receiving positive feedback about the new service.

Family integrated care is a philosophy of care that insures parents are partners in care for their baby. The aim of the neonatal team for new-born care in Leeds is to ensure that parents are supported, educated and empowered to provide as much care for their baby as they are able, which helps to recognise their babies behaviour which makes parents more confident caring for their baby at home.

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Parents receive training on how to actively care for their baby’s needs such as taking regular observations, giving medication, taking temperatures, weighing, and day-to-day activities like feeding and changing.

Dr Liz McKechnie, Consultant Neonatologist, said: ‘Parents help to provide positive experiences for their babies such as skin to skin contact which facilitates meaningful interactions helping to develop brain function.’

Family Integrated Care

The evidence indicates family integrated care programmes have helped: Reduce infections, more likely to breast feed in hospital and at home, gain weight quicker, have fewer complications and go home sooner with less support from health professionals.