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Morrisons and CLICSargent join forces to support young cancer patients

18 September 2017

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the teams in our children’s and teenage cancer units at Leeds Children’s Hospital are working with partners to raise awareness of childhood cancer both locally and nationally.

CLICSargent is a charity who supports children and young people with cancer across the UK, including here at Leeds Children’s Hospital. The charity has recently entered into a fundraising partnership with Morrisons Supermarkets - which is already raising fantastic amounts of money to support the work of the charity.

Morrisons intend to support CLICSargent with fundraising campaigns over the course of the next three years - which is really great news for beneficiaries, including our children’s wards.

Over the last fortnight, key staff from Morrisons have been visiting our oncology wards and talking to staff, children and their families, to gain a greater insight into the lives of children and young people with cancer and see the valuable contributions of CLICSargent’s work.

Morrisons team meet a young cancer patient

Rachel Hollis, Lead Nurse for Children’s Cancer said: “It is hard to imagine the impact of a cancer diagnosis on the family of a child with cancer. Despite the fact that the majority of children are now cured of their disease, the treatment can be really tough, and many children and young people have to spend lots of time in hospital. They can be seriously ill as a result of both the illness and the intensive treatment it requires.”

“We are a specialist treatment centre, and so children come to us from all across Yorkshire. Sometimes this means long periods away from home, which can put enormous strain on families. We are lucky that we are supported by a number of different charity partners, including CLICSargent.”