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Record number of kidney transplants performed at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

24 January 2019

A record number of kidney transplants were carried out at Leeds Teaching Hospitals in 2018. A total of 215 kidney transplants were performed during the year, which is more than has ever been done in a single year in Leeds in the past, making this a significant milestone for one of the largest solid organ transplant centres in the UK.

Matt Welberry Smith, Consultant in Renal Medicine and Renal Transplantation said: “Achieving this record number of transplants for our centre is testament to the incredible multidisciplinary team we have here in Leeds which draws staff members from a host of areas including surgery, theatres, nursing, anaesthetics, pathology, and pharmacy to name but a few. These kidney transplants have changed the lives of hundreds of patients, improving their quality of life, as well as their long term health, compared with a life of regular dialysis and worse outcomes, enabling them to spend more time with those they love”

Kidney transplants have been carried out at St James's Hospital since 1967 and since that time over 4,000 transplants have taken place. Patients come to Leeds for kidney transplants from East, West and North Yorkshire and the Humber.

This achievement also includes 10 transplants in 2018 for paediatric patients and these are carried out at the Leeds Children’s Hospital where a dedicated team of healthcare professionals guide children and their families through the transplant journey.

Clare Ecuyer, Kidney Transplant Co-ordinator, said: “We would like to thank the families who make the brave decision to donate their loved ones organs. We are also very grateful to our living kidney donors who make the life changing decision to help someone they love or a complete stranger.”

Leeds also offers live kidney transplants where the recipient receives a kidney from a healthy volunteer - this does not have to be a family member, and the UK Live Kidney Sharing Scheme means that even donors who are not a match for someone can still donate and change the lives of kidney patients for the better.  A total of 62 transplants took place in 2018 from our live kidney donors.

Leeds continues to be well recognised nationally for excellent low waiting times for patients to receive kidney transplants, and for innovative kidney medicine practice with good outcomes.

Leeds Kidney Transplant team

300,178 people in Leeds are signed up to the NHS Organ Donor Register – and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust “Be A Hero” campaign is continuing to raise awareness and increase numbers.

Further information on how to donate a kidney is available from the Live Donor team by emailing: To sign the organ donor register visit