The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Celebrating Twins and Multiple Births in Leeds

27 June 2019

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has one of the UK's busiest maternity units with around 10,000 babies born each year. The Trust is also home to a twin and multiples team who look after women expecting more than one baby right through their pregnancy to delivery.

On Saturday 70 families will be gathering with their twins and multiples to celebrate the service, share experiences and enjoy a picnic at Roundhay Park.  Now in its sixth year the annual get together is chance for families to meet other families who have been through a similar experience and for the children to meet, forming friendships and a sense of community.

Often considered a special experience, the Twin and Multiple Pregnancy team offers continuity of care which helps support women and their families feel more at ease as they prepare for the birth.  Patients will see the same team of midwives throughout their pregnancy and a member of the team will be present at the birth to ensure that women feel at ease and as comfortable as they can.

The Twins and Multiples Team explain why the event is so important: “We have supported the families through their multiple pregnancies and into the postnatal period, so it is lovely to see the families returning so we can catch up with them.

 “Peer support plays a vital role in a multiple pregnancy, and being able to offer a get together is welcomed by the families

 “Seeing the multiple community in Leeds come together is wonderful, being a parent of multiples is something very special but also very demanding so being able to support each other is something the families treasure.”

Supported by TAMBA, Twins and Multiples Births Association, the team in Leeds was formed after the NICE guidelines were updated in 2011 and was first launched in its original form in 2013 after one of the midwives had a twin pregnancy herself. She identified a need for having a specialist midwife to give advice and support to multiple birth families. Originally started on a trial basis at one hospital, ladies would come in for a clinic appointment and receive advice from her.

The team now operates out of St James’s Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary from which women are offered antenatal and postnatal care in the hospital setting and at home.

Last year there were 160 twin or multiple births at Leeds Teaching Hospitals which represents about 1% of all births at the Trust. So far this year, 73 twins or multiples have been born.

The picnic will be taking place from 11.30am until 1.30pm at Roundhay Park in Leeds on Saturday 29 June.