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New clinic at Leeds Children’s Hospital set to deliver high quality neonatal care

7 February 2020

A new clinic has launched in the Outpatient department at Leeds Children’s Hospital designed to provide improved continuity of care for babies and families who have stayed on the Neonatal Units.

The clinic is run by a team of four senior Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (ANNPs), alongside six others who are either newly qualified or currently training to qualify as an ANNP. The expert team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver high quality neonatal clinical practice, offering a service to young patients that combines both nursing and medicine.

ANNP clinic launchThis new clinic design pushes forward a key point in the national NHS Plan to modernise the neonatal service by capitalising on the long-established practice of collaboration between medical and nursing roles to bring more bespoke services to patients.

Corene Tobin, Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and clinical lead, said: “The development of an ANNP-led clinic will deliver high quality, family-centred care in a cost-effective fashion and will optimise patient outcomes and the experience of their families through a streamlined treatment process.

“This service model frees up capacity in consultant-led clinics and offers an opportunity for the nurse practitioners to further develop their scope of autonomous advanced practice,” she added.

The clinic will ensure patients are seen in a more timely manner and will have better access to specialities within neonatal medicine. For example, a review of a heart murmur used to take up to eight weeks, but under the new clinical model could be undertaken in as little as one to two weeks.

There is also improved continuity of care in the Outpatient setting, enabling the ANNP to match appropriate services to the particular needs of each baby, improving the overall patient experience.

Celia McKenzie, Deputy Head of Nursing at Leeds Children’s Hospital, said: “Corene has led her team in establishing this clinic that will improve access, support the consultant-led service, reduce waiting times and benefit our patients and their families. It is initiatives such as this that demonstrate just how pioneering the Leeds Advanced Neonatal Nurse Care Practitioner team is.”