The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Digital Care Plans launch in two wards at Leeds Children’s Hospital

19 June 2023

Leeds Children’s Hospital has launched new digital care plans on wards L30 and L41, improving information sharing and supporting the development of best practice.


Childrens Hospital digital 1Care plans provide a complete record of the care provided for patients during their hospital stay.


Moving from paper to digital allows information to be shared more securely and effectively with clinicians and organisations involved in patient care, enabling faster, more effective decision making. Digital care plans also support the consistent use of best practice, combining patient history with continually updated, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.


Anna Dennis, Lead Nurse for Quality at Leeds Children’s Hospital explains more:


“The new digital care plans will help to streamline our workflow and can be customised to individual patient needs, promoting personalised care and improving outcomes for our patients. Our nurses can easily access and update patient information in our systems, reducing the time spent on paperwork and increasing time spent on direct patient care.


Longer term, digital care plans will lead to better data analysis and insights. By capturing information electronically, we’ll gather valuable information to identify trends, patterns, and areas for quality improvement in care provision.


Digital care plans also support effective communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. Multiple team members can access and contribute to the care plan simultaneously, leading to improved care coordination and collaboration”.


Parents and carers with children on Wards L30 and L41 may see nurses using electronic devices when discussing the care we provide. More information is explained on our ‘During your visit’ page.