The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Things to do

playroom2The most important thing for you to do in hospital is to rest and get better but if you are feeling a bit bored or want something to do you can visit the play room where you will find some activities, books, toys and DVDs.  Each ward has a play therapist and even if you don’t feel like going to the play room, the therapist can bring things to you.

If you are bringing a smartphone, tablet or games console, don’t forget your charger.

You may want to speak to your school to see if there is any schoolwork that you can do whilst you are in hospital and if you are going to be in hospital for a while, the hospital school will make sure that you can keep up with your school work.

The tv unit by your bed can be moved so that you can see it where ever you are.  It also has radio and a phone.  We can provide headphones which help other patients on the ward being disturbed or you can bring your own.