The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Your Friends and Family

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We know that having friends and family visit is very important.  You should ask on the ward for visiting times and there will be a limit to how many people can visit at once but don’t forget that other patients may need to rest so we ask that visitors are not too loud.

We want to help everyone get better as quickly as possible so we also ask that people who have colds or upset stomachs try not to visit until they are better.  To reduce the chance of infections being passed on, there is antibiotic handwash by each sink and at the entrance to the ward - all visitors need to use this whenever they come to see you. You can read more about how to prevent hospital infections.

There may be times when people can’t visit you and if you are feeling lonely or upset, you can talk to any of our staff at any time.

Hospital can be a chance for you to make new friends too as there will be children on the ward who are having the same treatment as you and may be feeling exactly the same way as you.