The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my treatment cost?

Please be aware that free treatment is only offered to UK residents, irrespective of nationality, and you may be asked to complete an Entitlement Form.

I’ve been discharged but have a problem. What can I do?

If this problem relates to treatment at the dental hospital, please contact us. If the problem is unrelated, or it has been longer than 6 months, you will have to return to your referrer or seek emergency treatment.

I’m new to Leeds and wish to continue treatment started elsewhere. Can I have treatment at the hospital?

If you were having specialist care elsewhere you will have to have your original provider refer you to the hospital.

Can I have free Implants?

Implant treatments are not routinely given for free on the NHS. However, we do provide them in certain circumstances.

As these are a specialist treatment, you must be referred by an appropriate healthcare professional. If our consultant feels your circumstances warrant a full assessment, you will be offered a consultation. Please note consultation does not guarantee treatment.

I have limited mobility due to a medical condition; can I get hospital transport?

For your first appointment, your GP will have to assess your need for hospital transport. If you are suitable, they will book the transport for your first visit. For any following appointments, the hospital will then be able to arrange hospital transport. Please note the hospital requires your GP’s authorisation to book hospital transport. Please note: the hospital will only book transport through WYMAS.

*During the Covid-19 Pandemic - Patients will have to arrange their own transport to and from appointments until further notice*.

I am on low income; can I get my travel costs paid? 

It is possible to get help with travel costs to hospitals when using public transport or coming by car. Your eligibility will have to be assessed. (Contact details).

In all cases you will need a claim slip from reception for the appointment, and any relevant tickets. For those using public transport; face value of the ticket will be reimbursed provided the ticket is reasonable and for the day of the appointment. For those coming by car; mileage will be paid at a standard rate.

 Please note: we will not pay for private hire taxis.