The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Social distancing

It’s essential to keep your distance from other people – including staff and other patients –where this is possible, so as to limit the risk of spreading the virus. Remember the four rules of social distancing when moving about our hospitals:

  • Keep your distance – keep a 2 metre (6 and a half feet) gap between yourself and other people.
  • Follow the signs – look out for signs giving instructions on the walls and floors of our hospitals about where to walk or stand.
  • Keep left – when walking along corridors or up and down stairs, remember to always keep to the left hand side.
  • Do your best! We’ve made every effort to make it easy to keep a safe distance when moving around our hospitals with signs and directions. If in doubt – use your common sense!

Keep your distance from other people

You should aim to keep a distance of 2 metres (6 and a half feet) between yourself and any other person. This is about the length of a hospital bed. Here are some other ways of visualising 2 metres.

Look out for signs and directions

When you arrive at one of our hospitals you will see signage on walls and floors giving helpful instructions on moving around the hospital safely. It is vital you follow these instructions wherever you see them.

Here are some of the signs to look out for:

  • Floor stickers showing you where to stand and sit 
  • Arrows and one-way systems 
  • Lines on the floor that you should not cross 
  • Signs telling you where to clean your hands

Remember these are here to keep everyone coming into our hospitals safe – if we are all doing our best to follow them.

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Keep to the left

When walking along corridors, pavements, or up and down stairs in our hospitals, please always keep to the left hand side. This ensures people are always going in the same direction on the same side, keeps up the flow of traffic, and means less chance of bumping into someone unexpectedly!

Do your best!

While we have put directional signage in as many areas of our hospitals as we can, sometimes keeping your distance just won’t always be possible. For example, a member of staff might need to examine you, or a corridor may be too narrow to keep apart from someone else. In these situations it is best just to use your common sense.

If you can use the stairs instead of the lift, please make an effort to do so. Lifts should be reserved for patients and staff who really need it, as otherwise there will be long queues.