The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Belongings to Loved Ones

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Belongings to loved ones is a service in place for a relative / friend to drop off a single bag to their loved one who is staying in hospital whilst visiting is restricted.

The service is available Monday - Friday between 10:00 and 14:00 at Jubilee Reception LGI and Gledhow Reception SJUH - just hand your bag to one of our volunteers who will be wearing a green t-shirt and they will ensure that it is delivered safely to your loved one.


Suggested belongings:

  • Debit card for ‘hands free’ payments (at own risk).
  • Toiletry bag with soap, toothbrush, antibacterial wipes, comb, etc.
  • Comfortable, easy to put on clothes including nightwear and underwear.
  • Sanitary products, incontinence pads etc.
  • Contact details for family and friends’ mobile phone numbers.
  • A Letter to a loved one.
  • Communication device with charger (at own risk).
  • Comfort items e.g. photo of family / pets, pillowcase, book, magazine.
  • Other important items e.g. glasses or hearing aid.
  • Non-perishable foods in a sealed container e.g. biscuits, squash, mints etc. 

Please don’t send:

  • Valuables such as jewellery (any belongings brought in will not be the responsibility of the hospital).
  • Sharps such as scissors / needles.
  • Flowers or balloons.

To reduce the risk of infection and keep our patients and staff safe:

  • Please use the drop-off service and do not take belongings directly to a ward.
  • Do not drop off belongings to loved ones if you have a new, persistent cough or high temperature (of 37.8 degrees centigrade or higher), and/or loss of taste and/or smell, or you are living with someone who has symptoms. Ask a friend or relative from outside of your household to deliver the belongings on your behalf.
  • Please ensure items are clean, accurately labelled with the patient’s name and ward and secured in a small bag, such as a carrier bag, sealed with tape.
  • Refrain from entering the hospital and respect social distancing rules at all times i.e. keeping more than two metres (six feet) apart from anyone you do not live with.

The hospital cannot be held responsible, or accept any liability, for any loss of, or damage to contents of the bag at the time of drop off at the Trust, or thereafter.

Following a stay in hospital, soiled items will be disposed of. Items not suitably bagged will be declined.

For further information please telephone 0113 206 4154