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Deaf Awareness During Covid-19

We are working with D/deaf and Hard of Hearing patients to raise awareness of what it’s like to go to hospital during Covid-19. This video covers some of the feedback we’ve received and what we're doing to help.


 PALS Text Phone 

Text phoneThe Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) now have a text phone. The number is 07468 753 025. For more information on the PALS webpage.



Otter Transcription app

Otter ap logo v2

Following Government guidance that all hospital staff must wear face masks, it has become clear that this puts some of our patients at a disadvantage, particularly Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients who rely on lip reading and facial expressions to communicate.

The Trust iPads on the wards now have an app called The app converts speech into text so information can be transcribed for patients who are Deaf or have a hearing impairment.


Befriending Service

Image showing the Justalk app for making video calls, with the Google Play, App Store and Amazon icons.

We have set up a befriending service for patients who use BSL who are inpatients and who are feeling isolated.

On each ward the Patient Experience Team have provided an ipod with the JusTalk app.

To connect to our friendly BSL interpreters, please ask a member off staff to contact the Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People on 0113 246 9990 or 07775 444 032 to arrange a chat. Or use the Justalk app on your ward iPod and search Melissa or Richard, you can also add them as new friends, by typing mbarkersimpson or Richard-Jackson 

There is more information in our befriending flyer.

Communications Tips

Useful Links

PALS - For general enquiries or concerns regarding Leeds Hospitals' services.

SignHealth also have a text service for Deaf people experiencing mental health crisis.

DeafPlus has a national online helpline staffed by trained advisors – both  BSL and text available.