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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Action Group

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Action Group was set up in July 2021 and was initiated by the Patient Experience team to improve the services we provide to deaf and hard of hearing patients.

The group consists of representatives from patient experience, equality and diversity, staff who work with deaf or hard of hearing patients, deaf or hard of hearing staff, and community organisations. Craige Richardson, Director of Estates and Facilities, is the group’s Executive Sponsor.

Group commitments

To coincide with deaf awareness week, the group are launching their commitment charter for deaf and hard of hearing patients, which details the key things they would like deaf and hard of hearing patients to feel and say when they visit our hospitals.

View the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Action Group Commitments

Group actions

The group is supported by the Patient Experience team, who will send reports to the Patient Experience Sub-Group (PESG). These reports will talk about the work being done including how the work is having an impact and what plans are in place to tackle any problems.

  • they will ensure that the work is meeting the Trust’s legal duty regarding patients access needs
  • they will monitor activities in the Trust and in other groups locally and nationally
  • they will ensure that deaf and hard of hearing patients can be involved in improving access to services

Be more deaf aware

It’s really easy for everyone to become more deaf aware, please watch the short animation to find out how you can help.

Tips on how to be more deaf aware

Useful resources

Take part in Louder than Words Deaf Awareness Training

The resources and tips featured in this video are from the following sources:

Action for Deafness

Sign Health

Action on Hearing Loss