The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Patient Experience Team

Action Group

Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Action Group was set up by the Patient Experience team to improve the services we provide for patients who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

The group is made up of: 

  • Patient Experience team 
  • Equality and Diversity colleagues,  
  • operational staff who work with patients who that are deaf or hard of hearing.  
  • staff members who are themselves deaf or have a level of hearing difficulty 
  • community organisations.  

The Director of Estates and Facilities is the group’s Executive Sponsor. 

Our commitment is to make sure that deaf and hard of hearing people using the hospital can say: 

  • I find it easy to get around the hospital 
  • Information is given to me in a way that I understand 
  • I am confident that the staff know that I am deaf or hard of hearing 
  • My communication needs are met by staff in a way that suits me 
  • I feel confident that staff work with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities 
  • I welcome the training that is being given to staff