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Whether you're a patient, visitor, family member, carer or a friend, tell us what you think about your overall experience at the hospital. The feedback received is a broad term capturing a variety of activities including questionnaires, workshops, and patient panels, involvement in Quality Improvement streams, supporting training and development and beyond refer to any activity that seeks to use the public’s experience and ideas to improve patient centred care.

Improving cancer research and treatment - download the flyer

Cancer Strategy - The 8 Big Themes

As a Trust we are currently writing a cancer strategy to agree our ambitions for the next 5 years. Staff have shared their experience and ideas about what the big themes of the strategy should be. A team of staff from the Trust have looked at this and think there are 8 big themes that should be in the strategy. However, we need the experience of patients who have used Trust cancer services to get this right. The 8 big themes are below with an explanation.

Cancer Strategy the 8 Big Themes Diagram

We are asking people to read this and share their thoughts about them using this survey. We are also inviting people who have direct experience of using our cancer services to take part in an online workshop.

Please read about the themes on our Cancer Strategy Resource Document and complete our survey.

We greatly appreciate your support.


COVID-19 Research Opportunities

The information below provides the details for two research projects. Both are searching for people to take part in different ways. To find out more please use the contact details provided in the documents. You can view both documents using the links below.

COVID-19 Nursing Protocol and Quality of Life

Research into COVID-19 Nursing

Online Surveys

This is an opportunity for you to participate in our online surveys and questionnaires below:

Hospitals of the Future

Your views on our hospitals and how they could be improved are really important to us. Please fill out our short survey and share your thoughts. Your feedback will help us to design and build new hospitals that are based around your needs.

Maternity Hospital of the Future for Leeds​ - A survey aimed at women/parents who are pregnant or who have given birth, to feedback about their recent experience of being in Leeds hospital.

We would like to know more about your experience of the current set up, what you thought about it and more importantly how it made you feel. These responses will be used to inform the design of the new Leeds Hospital. You can take the survey here:

Upon completion of the above survey, you will be automatically directed to a second survey if you indicate an interest in feeding back on what you would like to see in the newly developed hospital, anything that you thought was missing and what you would like to see in the future.


Healthwatch Leeds - Latest Weekly Check-in

You can find the up to date Weekly Check-in surveys on the Healthwatch Leeds homepage -

Healthwatch Leeds has teamed up with Leeds Cancer Programme to find out what people in Leeds know about cancer.

Cancer Awareness Survey:

Healthwatch Leeds is working with partners to find better ways to support individuals and their carers to understand the health information they receive about their care and treatment.

Please complete a short survey:

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