The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Patient Stories

Patient Story videos are often used within the Trust to share patient experiences with staff. This provides an opportunity for staff to learn and take action to improve services and also do more of what patients tell us works well. Patient Stories are shown in a number of different Trust forums including Trust Board and the Patient Experience Sub-Group.

Here are some of the stories that people have shared and that have been shown during the past year.

Healthwatch Leeds: Seeing Things Differently - November 2019






The patient story was a video produced by Healthwatch Leeds, featuring two women registered with a visual impairment. The video showed how difficult receiving hospital letters, attending hospital appointments and finding your way around the hospital can be for people with eyesight difficulties. Measures, such as making volunteers available, were shown to be very helpful in supporting patients. Additionally, the video explains the importance of the Trust working towards achieving the Accessible Information Standard (AIS), which is aimed at making healthcare information accessible for everyone. 

Living with Motor Neurone Disease - September 2019

motor neurone disease v2





This patient story featured a gentleman living with Motor Neurone Disease and showed how he has been supported by his partner, family, friends, carers and the NHS to do the things he enjoys and to get the most out of life. The gentleman has managed to continue to pursue his favourite pastimes including listening to music, attending concerts and spending time with people he loves, despite the constraints of the disease. The message is particularly uplifting, and has wide applicability if shown across a number of clinical areas. Click on the image to view the video.

Patient Participation of Administering Intravenous Antibiotics - July 2019

July 2019 intravenous antibiotics v2




This patient story described an improvement project that was implemented within adult cystic fibrosis (cardio-respiratory), to support patients to be a second checker for their intravenous medicines. The story showed a patient testing the process and describing the experience of taking part. Benefits from the patient’s perspective included being able to maintain their independence throughout their stay and feeling as though being involved was a way of being helpful to staff. Click on the image to view the video.

Leeds Children's Hospital Videos (Various) - May 2019

Leeds Childrens Hospital v2




Leeds Children’s Hospitals TV was created to support children and their families through treatment by providing access to stories shared by other children and families who may have been through a similar experience. One LCHTV story describes what hospital feels like for children who find they experience long periods of isolation as part of their treatment and talks about how hard this can be from the perspective of a young person. Click on the image to view the video.