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Patient Stories

Patient Story videos are often used within the Trust to share patient experiences with staff. This provides an opportunity for staff to learn and take action to improve services and also do more of what patients tell us works well. Patient Stories are shown in a number of different Trust forums including Trust Board and the Patient Experience Sub-Group.

Here are some of the stories that people have shared and that have been shown during the past year.

Quality Improvement Partner - November 2020

This story described the experience of a Quality Improvement (QI) Partner currently volunteering at the Trust. The Partner discussed hearing about the role whilst being involved in other focus work within the Patient Experience Team. He shared how he was initially intrigued by the opportunity to improve processes and services within Leeds Teaching Hospitals on behalf of patients and medical staff.

As a transplant patient, the Partner is able to bring first-hand experience to Quality Improvement work that the Trust is taking forward. The individual is involved in the Infection Prevention Collaborative (HCAI Faculty) and has taken part in analysing questionnaires and collecting data from wards. The Partner shared their view of the collaborative they are involved in as a valuable piece of work and reported that they are pleased they were given the opportunity to participate.


Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People - September 2020

This patient story describes the experience of a Deaf patient in the care of the Trust during the pandemic. The patient explained how staff wearing facemasks had made it very difficult for him to understand their communication because he lip-reads. He also shared the small ways in which his experience could have been improved to reduce the social isolation that he felt during his stay.

The story was shared at the Trust Board meeting in September 2020 and also at the Connecting Leaders in Care (CLiC) meeting in the same month.


Carers Animation - July 2020

This short video was made to raise awareness during Carers Week 8th - 14th June 2020 of the challenges faced by Carers.  The video uses feedback gathered from surveys that were conducted by Healthwatch Leeds during the pandemic, as well as surveys that  were conducted by the PET by Carers experiencing Trust services. 

 Carers Animation

Deaf Animation - July 2020

This animation was developed by the Patient Experience Team (PET) and describes the challenges Deaf patients face during the pandemic. It was based on feedback from patients who had experienced Trust services and was created in collaboration with people who are Deaf or who support people who are.

 Deaf Animation

Liz and Jordan - Maternity Experience during COVID-19 - July 2020

Liz and her husband Jordan share their experience of the birth of their second baby during the COVID-19 outbreak. They had their first child at the Trust and so were able to compare their more recent experience to this.

During this period, it was not possible to invite patients into the Trust to share their story with us and the couple were therefore asked if they were happy to independently film the video at home, which they kindly accepted.

The team is exploring innovative ways to capture patient stories going forward, taking into account on-going requirements for social distancing and limiting visitors wherever possible. This is therefore also an example of testing a new way of working. 

Joyce Intro Video - March 2020

This patient story is the second service user, alongside Kari, to be included in the city-wide ‘How Does it Feel to Be Me?’ project. The project involves the monthly recording of individual’s health and care experience in Leeds through video and written narrative. The Trust receives the information captured regularly and is expected to use the opportunity to influence service development. 

joyce from hawksworth

Kari's Story: July 2019 Update - January 2020

This patient story has been produced by Healthwatch Leeds. It features Kari, a citizen of Leeds who has a number of health conditions. Kari described her health and care experience during July 2019 when she had used the services of a number of different providers, including the Trust. She felt there had been some good aspects to the care she had received and also that there were some areas that could have been better.

Karis Story January 2020

Healthwatch Leeds: Seeing Things Differently - November 2019

The patient story was a video produced by Healthwatch Leeds, featuring two women registered with a visual impairment. The video showed how difficult receiving hospital letters, attending hospital appointments and finding your way around the hospital can be for people with eyesight difficulties. Measures, such as making volunteers available, were shown to be very helpful in supporting patients. Additionally, the video explains the importance of the Trust working towards achieving the Accessible Information Standard (AIS), which is aimed at making healthcare information accessible for everyone. 


Living with Motor Neurone Disease - September 2019

This patient story featured a gentleman living with Motor Neurone Disease and showed how he has been supported by his partner, family, friends, carers and the NHS to do the things he enjoys and to get the most out of life. The gentleman has managed to continue to pursue his favourite pastimes including listening to music, attending concerts and spending time with people he loves, despite the constraints of the disease. The message is particularly uplifting, and has wide applicability if shown across a number of clinical areas. Click on the image to view the video.motor neurone disease v2

Patient Participation of Administering Intravenous Antibiotics - July 2019

This patient story described an improvement project that was implemented within adult cystic fibrosis (cardio-respiratory), to support patients to be a second checker for their intravenous medicines. The story showed a patient testing the process and describing the experience of taking part. Benefits from the patient’s perspective included being able to maintain their independence throughout their stay and feeling as though being involved was a way of being helpful to staff. Click on the image to view the video.

July 2019 intravenous antibiotics v2

Leeds Children's Hospital Videos (Various) - May 2019

Leeds Children’s Hospitals TV was created to support children and their families through treatment by providing access to stories shared by other children and families who may have been through a similar experience. One LCHTV story describes what hospital feels like for children who find they experience long periods of isolation as part of their treatment and talks about how hard this can be from the perspective of a young person. Click on the image to view the video.

Leeds Childrens Hospital v2

#treatmewell Reasonable Adjustments at LTHT - March 2019

This patient story explained how people with a learning disability and/or autism may experience hospital and talked about the importance of reasonable adjustments for disabled patients. Examples of reasonable adjustments that can be made across the Trust were presented by volunteers with a learning disability and/or autism at the end of the video included examples such as “give me enough time” and “speak clearly and use simple words”.

March 2019 treatmewell v2

Celebrating Volunteering - January 2019

This patient story described a number of volunteers who had supported the Trust during winter 2018.  It showcased a range of activities they had undertaken such as helping out at meal times, being a helping hand and a person for patients to speak to. The volunteers described how rewarding they had found their experiences within the hospital and the challenges they face.

January 2018 Volunteering v2

Care of a Patient With Complex Needs (AMS) - November 2018  

This patient story explained how the abdominal, medicine and surgery CSU had responded to the reported experience of a young woman, Becky, with complex needs who required regular admission to their wards. The patient had shared their concerns originally with Healthwatch Leeds and this story was a good example of how the Trust had collaborated with Healthwatch Leeds to ensure an improved patient outcome was achieved.

November 2018 Care of Patient with complex needs v2

Maggie - A Valued Member of the Critical Care Team - September 2018

This patient story described a new initiative in Critical Care which involved the introduction of a volunteer and their PAT dog, Maggie, into the department.  The video showed how successful Maggie has been in providing distraction to patients and relatives in difficult situations.  Maggie has also improved morale in the department as staff enjoy the weekly visits and the difference they make to the people they are caring for.

Endoscopy Introduction: The Patient Journey - May 2018

This patient story was made in response to patient feedback in the endoscopy department. Patients had described not knowing what to expect when undergoing an endoscopy and the film was developed to improve patient understanding of the endoscopy journey.  

endoscopy may 2018

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