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The PCPI team has supported various feedback and service improvements across the hospitals and include, but not exhaustive of, the following:

Fertility Services - March 2021  

Infertility is a fast moving specialty where today’s science is tomorrow’s medicine. To safeguard the excellent fertility service in Leeds and ensure it can continue to meet and respond to scientific advances in a timely manner, Leeds Teaching Hospitals talked to 8 patients who had expressed interest in becoming part of a Patient Advisory Group.  Four questions were asked, including further prompts which helped patients to discuss their views and talk about their experiences. 

September - October 2020
Audiology Engagement Event

An engagement event was delivered in the Hearing and Balance Centre. The purpose of the event was to understand how moving the service might affect patients and understanding what we as a Trust should take into consideration when thinking about the new location for the service. It is necessary for an new location, as building works commence for the two new Hospitals of the Future, also known as Building the Leeds Way. View the engagement report.

audiology engagement event









April 2019 - February 2020
Abdominal Medicine & Surgery / Oncology - What Our Patients Say
The PCPI team is supporting an initiative whereby real time patient feedback is collected and presented to the department within a timely manner. The Oncology department is collaborating patients on J42 who are asked twelve questions from the National Inpatient Survey. The PCPI team has developed a poster using the feedback and this is presented to the ward team within 2 working days of feedback being obtained. The process is repeated on a bi-weekly basis.

As a result, the CSU team has identified that mealtimes require improvement and have since introduced measures to support this, such as a mealtime champion. Since implementation of these measures, feedback shows significant improvement in relation to mealtimes.

January 2020
Emergency Department Listening Week

A Listening Week was delivered in the Emergency Departments across both LGI and St James’s Hospitals. The purpose of the event was to gather feedback regarding patients’ experiences within the department as well as understanding the decisions patients made prior to attending A&E. View our Emergency Department Listening Week document.

ED Listening Week







October 2019
Children’s Listening Event -
A 2 day Listening Event was delivered in the Children’s Assessment and Treatment Unit (CAT) at the LGI. The purpose of the event was to gather feedback regarding patients’ experiences in the unit and what would need to be considered if the unit was to move. View the overall report.

September 2019
Outpatients Listening Week- A Listening Week was delivered in Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Ophthalmology Outpatient clinics. The purpose of the event was to gather feedback regarding patients’ experiences within these departments. The event formed part of a city-wide exercise with the CCG in support of the Optimising Secondary Care Programme. The team, in collaboration with PCPI volunteers, NHS England and Improvement colleagues and Voluntary Action Leeds explored with patients what it feels like to use outpatient services in Leeds, to inform future service planning. View our Outpatient Listening Week document.

outpatients listening week







September 2019
Cardio-Respiratory Talking Training session - The PCPI team facilitated a development session with the Congenital Heart Network in order to identify what support is needed to strengthen the impact of service users when it comes to service improvement. Network members were introduced to the idea of developing a mission statement outlining ways in which they wanted to work with Regional networks. It was also agreed the group would share updates with other patients and promote various methods of involvement, to shape and improve services.

May - December 2019
Oncology (Macmillan)- ACE Project - The ACE Project provides a diagnostic pathway which enables rapid access to achieve early diagnosis for people with non-specific but concerning symptoms.  The PCPI team conducted telephone interviews with patients who have been through this pathway to capture their experience.

April - October 2019

Leeds Dermatology Patient Panel - The panel are keen for patients to understand which consultant, doctor or nurse they will be seeing for their scheduled outpatient appointment, as well as being kept informed about any delays in clinics. The panel are being supported by the PCPI team to undertake surveys to test whether keeping patients informed enhances patient experience.

April - May 2019
Emergency Department Sensory check - The team has supported the Trust’s Autism Sub Group to gather patient stories about how it feels to use the Emergency Department for people with autism. A Survey Monkey campaign was also launched and the points below are some examples of actions that have been taken in response to the feedback. View more disability information.

  • Volume on reception phone has been lowered
  • Waiting times are now displayed on a monitor in the department
  • Sleep masks have been ordered
  • New comfortable seats have been ordered
  • Cubicles with dimmable lights to be introduced going forward at SJUH
  • Estates & Facilities hope to us different wall paint for future renovations

March - May 2019

Emergency Department Breaches - The Equality and Diversity team identified a high volume of breaches experienced by patients from Irish and Jewish communities.  Outreach sessions with the communities were co-facilitated by the PCPI team as well as the team supporting online surveys in partnership with Leeds Irish House and Homes and the Jewish Welfare Board. The outcome of the engagement sessions concluded the breaches were not related to heritage and were coincidental. View more Equality & Diversity information.

March 2019
Cardio-Respiratory Multi-Agency Discharge Event (MADE) day - The team supported a MADE day by visiting selected wards and approaching long stay Respiratory patients for feedback.  The aim of this piece of work was to better understand how the Leeds-wide health care system can work together to provide a better patient experience.

February 2019

Radiotherapy Involvement day - A successful development day was held with several patients and carers agreeing to support the improvement work in MRI simulator and mask preparation. Some of the feedback suggested claustrophobia was a factor to be considered when applying masks, as well as giving patients a choice of what music they would like to listen to.

What Our Patients Say Poster - Select to see enlarged poster.