The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Actions taken from complaints

Actions are taken following a complaint to ensure that we respond to feedback. Examples during 2020 and 2021 include

  • The Interpreting team working with the Emergency Departments to raise awareness with staff of how to book a British Sign Language interpreter.
  • The Neurosciences team focussed on the discharge of patients with urinary catheters, ensuring the correct referrals are sent to the community teams and that staff have the knowledge and skills to be able to do this.
  • The Neurosciences team have also developed a handover template to ensure that the information handed over between wards is a true reflection of the whole patient journey and shares the history of the entire patient stay.
  • Improved communication between the Emergency Department and Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) has been implemented with any vulnerable patient now admitted directly onto a trolley so they can be closely monitored. A standard checklist has been implemented to check for risks, with prompts to assess a patient for confusion or dementia. All patients are now entered onto an electronic whiteboard on arrival in SAU, with hourly checks implemented on all patients in the seated waiting area.
  • After receiving a complaint in regards to a patient being discharged from hospital without an Electronic Discharge Advice Note (EDANs), the Frailty Unit now ensure that all patients leave with an EDAN. Posters have been created to publicise this within the unit for staff to ensure EDANS are printed and given to all patients.