The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Actions taken from complaints

Actions are taken following a complaint to ensure that we respond to feedback. Examples during 2022 includeThe Trust Deaf and Hard of Hearing Action Group has published a set of Commitments to patients who are deaf and hard of hearing. These have been developed in partnership with local organisations in response to complaints and feedback received, with workstreams established to achieve the commitments. Examples of actions undertaken include the development of information (which is hosted on the Deaf Awareness Week page of the Trust website) and the group participating in the consultation process for Building the Leeds Way.

  • After the Trust received concerns from the family of a child, it was recognised that children who have learning disabilities and/or autism are particularly vulnerable when they leave the security of their familiar surroundings and routine to come into hospital. Because of this concern, the Learning Disability and Autism Team presented at a meeting for all staff in the Children’s Hospital to encourage the referral of children to their team to ensure that children and families receive the support they need.