The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Patient Experience Team

What if I want to raise a formal complaint

The Trust has a formal complaints procedure.

If you do wish to raise a formal complaint this should be done within 12 months of the event, or within 12 months of you realising that you have something to complain about.

This time limit may be extended, depending on circumstances as we treat each complaint individually. Please contact the PALS team for further information about your situation.

You may wish to download a complaint form from the Trust’s website  and email it to us at

If you choose to raise your concerns in writing, please be as specific as you can and describe what happened. Please include any helpful information such as your date of birth, hospital number/NHS number and a contact telephone number.

If you are raising a complaint on behalf of someone else, we may require their signed consent in order to protect patient confidentiality. We will contact you if this is the case and you will need to complete this Form of Authority

The PALS team are happy to give help and advice if you are unsure whether or how to raise concerns.

You may also wish to read the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Complaints Policy.