The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

You Said, We Did

Below are some examples of the changes we have made following your feedback. These have been displayed on posters in our wards and departments.


Poster for J27 showing what we did following feedback from patients Poster for L17D showing what we did following feedback from patients
L14D Antenatal Clinic


Chapel Allerton Hospital - C5

You Said We Did

Too many delays and too much being passed from nurse to nurse ... adding extra delay and more cleaning for nurses involved. Why can one nurse not do questionnaire, cannula and drip? Everyone is lovely and really professional, just seems disorganised.

We have had lots of staff changes over the last year.  We use bank staff and nurses from other areas have helped out on C5.  This can mean changes to the usual routine on C5 and what patients expect.  We have discussed the comments as a team & will take the comments on board.

The bank nurse at the door asked why I was exempt from wearing a face mask, I was abused as a child & anything over my mouth causes me to have a serious panic attack & pass out, I was extremely upset by her prying questions, I think I answered out of shock & wished Id just left, I was left upset & anxious. I also didnt believe anybody had the right to ask for the exact reason anyone is exempt from wearing a face covering. Ive never been asked before for the exact reason Im not wearing one, normally I state Im exempt & thats good enough. 

Patients are informed prior to their visit about wearing a mask and we have to ask to inform staff/doctors and transport.

After discussing this feedback we have decided to make a note on the C5 diary to alert us to such issues.  This will be picked up in the morning during our staff huddle so staff are aware and will expect the patient.


 Children's Hospital - Children's Oncology & Haematology Day Unit

You Said We Did
All went to plan nurses were good as always. Can lunches be healthier, no fruit, white bread, healthier options would be good We have added some fruit to the packed lunches and we have a selection of sandwiches that comes on brown bread also.


Elland Road Vaccination Centre

You Said We Did

Wait times too long - my vaccination was over an hour past my appointment time.


Security staff now request citizens to stay in cars until 5 minutes before appointment time. Stewards ask citizens to get record cards out and ready for when they go through to the pods. 

My appointment was at 13:30 however, I didn’t get my vaccination until 14:30. I had to queue for almost an hour. There were 2 queues - 1 for 1st vaccination and 1 for 2nd vaccination. This was not clear at all.




One queue lane now feeds 1 pod  therefore shortening the overall length of the queue.

We have introduced a member of staff at the entrance to triage, explaining which vaccine and answering questions ahead of pod.

Have set up an 'assessment booth' for anyone who requires additional support (needle phobic, further discussion with medic etc). Citizens escorted to the booth so time can be spent therefore maintaining the throughput in the pods.

Very well organised and helpful staff. Could put obvious clock in area when      waiting after jab as not everyone has a phone with them.

There are now clocks located in the recovery area of the centre and we have ordered more of these to place on walls so that they can be seen at a distance whilst sat waiting.

Only problem was hearing people, I am hearing impaired and lip read. Healthcare settings need to have some people with clear masks.

We have a supply of clear facemasks available so that citizens requiring lip reading can see through to enable this.

There are often Sign Language Interpreters on site however if these are not available we have Interpreter-On- Wheels that can also be used for this purpose.

Very well organised. If you could signpost toilets better at the start, that would have been appreciated.

Disabled access for toilets after the vaccination

We have made more toilet signs at the entrance of the centre and are now asking door staff to point out the toilets as citizens arrive.

If you require to use our toileting facilities after your vaccination please let a member of staff know who will happily show you where they are.

There is a disabled toilet for citizens, please ask a member of staff and they will be happy to show you where this is.

First rate service! Wonderful centre with caring helpful staff. Excellent CIC measures in place and very organised. Thank you and grateful for our wonderful NHS! One minor suggestion would be to make it clear on the appointment email/text that a pen is required. It would be preferable to have a clear system in place for disinfecting pens as this wasn’t clear at the consent station and might be a way of reducing exposure risk further.

Generally very good. Mild frustration at having to enter personal details on paper but it was no big deal. Staff, organisation was excellent.


We now are running a ‘paperless’ system with details being inputted directly online.
Therefore, also no pens required.








You Said We Did

There is a serious problem with time it takes with medication on departure if I was given my list and was able to go to pharmacy I would be half hour but it takes 12 hours mental torture is that wait also I was given medication that Ive stopped 6 months ago


We are in the process of recruiting two  Advanced Care Practitioners who will be based on L14. These individuals will be able to focus on the  timely discharge of patients and will be able to complete patients’ EDANS thus significantly  reducing the time it takes to obtain  patients’ discharge medication.



You Said We Did

Not adequately signposted for where I needed to be.

L17D have new official signs and direction signs have been placed around the hospital to assist people in finding the department


St James's Hospital

Antenatal Clinic

You Said We Did

Between consultant and midwife there was no communication, came in for an induction and the midwifes knew nothing about induction and were just going to break the waters. We were made to stand and wait for 25 minutes whilst they found out what was going on, then told my partner to leave when the consultant said he could stay on antenatal or delivery suite.




We do endeavour on the antenatal ward to make the experience for women as compassionate as possible in these difficult times. Unfortunately due to the estate it is not possible to have birth partners in constant attendance and this has been since April 2020.

Reasonable adjustments are made for women who have individual issues but it is difficult to establish if this was requested in this woman’s case as we do not have patient level details.

There are 2 methods of induction one where a pessary or rod is used to ripen the cervix and the other where it is possible to break the waters without the need for the pessary or mechanical dilator, it isn’t that the midwives do not know what is to be done for an induction but that they need to establish which method is more appropriate for the woman and this is determined following an examination as not everyone requires a pessary.  



You Said We Did

I was put in a room on a ward while suffering in excruciating pain and simply ignored for hours on end. Pressing the nurse call button would result in a wait of nearly an hour before someone attended. This day in hospital has mentally scarred me and I am still - several days after leaving hospital, breaking down in tears with flashbacks from the stay.

The feedback has been shared with the team in relation to the impact of delay in response and communication to patients. We now have additional management support from a Ward Manager and a  Matron to ensure the constant monitoring of call bells and to prevent delays. We are also  delivering a nurse in charge programme which will also focus on professionalism - in relation to responding to communication and preventing delays.

Lack of care and at one point I had 5 used bottles and 2 used bedpans in my room

The Matron will undertake weekly assurance visits to ensure the improvement of the ward environment. This will be a joint visit with the domestic management team. 

Allocation of beds for known patients. standard of maintenance of bed spaces and basic equipment. keeping patients under control and spacing. information on leaving times 

Matron is leading on a project relating to the care provided to our mental health patients,  acknowledging an increase in demand for mental heath beds and the impact this has on these   patients but also the patients present on the ward. The Matron will now be attending for any patient with challenging behaviours with a focus on de-escalation. 



You Said We Did

Staff on wards are rubbish. Filthy ward conditions

You could invest in telephones and people to answer them. Totally impossible to get through to this ward. You have elderly people in hospital who might not have a portable phone. They aren't allowed visitors, flowers etc and can't even have a call from a relative. Not good enough. Also staff on this ward when you do get through are condescending. They don't seem to realize that the elderly are adults. Just because you are old, doesn't mean you have to be   treated like a child.

J11 is planned to be decorated which has already commenced.

J11 is currently under supportive measures from the corporate team with an action plan in place.

Current focus is on ensuring leadership and establishment of a ward team (including a ward clerk) with an emphasis on professionalism. 



You Said We Did

The ward kitchen had only one sandwich type which I didnt like so I ended up with 4 slices of toast I didnt have a menu for following day due to fasting again from mid-night luckily it was 1730 when I got told I was not having surgery so I had 1 ham sandwich and had to go to a shop for some

We are making other food options available for when the ward kitchen runs out.




You Said We Did

Would like to see picture posters around the hospital showing correct wearing of masks. Picture style showing √ right X wrong. No language barrier. Found this not happening in radiotherapy waiting area.

We now have picture posters showing exactly this.


Could you please supply one or two HIGHER chairs for people have a job getting up in the reception area.

We are currently pricing this up and will put a bid to Leeds Hospitals Charity in the hope of soon procuring several ‘higher’ chairs.


Telephone Clinics

Spinal Surgery Service

You Said We Did

I couldnt answer when they called as I was on the phone to a client. They didnt try my mobile again and the number they rang from didnt accept outbound calls.



Staff in the Spinal Surgery Team have been helping out on wards and in ICU during the Covid pandemic. Some more resource has been directed to the team to help bridge the gap until their staff are released back to them. Further to this all patients are given their contact details so they can call and leave a message with the Spinal CNS Admin Team. This should hopefully allow patients to contact them as needed or if they miss their telephone appointment.