The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

ppm+ functionality

PPM+ (Patient Pathway Manager) is Leeds Teaching Hospital’s electronic health record.

PPM+ is developed by an in-house team, built on the latest web technology and benefitting from a programme of continuous development to provide advanced features and functionality for our clinical teams.


A PPM+ alert is an automatic notification of a clinically important event. Alerts are organised into three categories - high priority, clinical and administrative. An example of a high priority alert is 'COVID-19 Positive'. Alerts are highlighted within the single patient view, providing an option to request further information.  


Clinical documents 

An easily accessible library of documents to facilitate a range of assessments and monitoring tasks, with the ability to filter and search by keyword, mark favourite documents and save to a user’s personal preferences.


Clinical notes 

An electronic document providing easy access to a single, complete set of patient notes. Ability to filter views to see specific information relevant to different roles and specialities.


Custom patient lists 

Allows the creation of a customised list of patients to use for specific purposes, for example a consultant viewing their own list of patients rather than viewing multiple ward views. Ability to filter by specific fields such as recently admitted, discharged and also manually add patients to create work lists and watch lists.



Supports the manual input of patient observations, automatically calculating NEWS scores in adults and PAWS scores in children. Ability to translate this information into tables and charts, view trends and check when next observations are due on e-whiteboards. Tasks are automatically created to notify when interventions are required.



In LTHT hospitals, ppm+ is deployed to over 90 electronic whiteboards, delivering real-time information at the point of care. This information is available in different views to support the management of patients across multiple wards. e-whiteboards can be configured to display specific information depending on the requirements of each ward.  



An effective way to communicate clinical information from a patient’s stay to colleagues working on another ward or shift pattern. Easily customisable so colleagues can select the relevant handover information depending on the clinical speciality. Handover is accessible from all locations and supports multiple entries and edits.


Mobile App 

The ppm+ mobile app supports delivery of bedside care. It is compliant with GS1 global standards and available to install on personal Android and Apple devices using secure WiFi.  


Single Patient View (SPV) 

This view within ppm+ displays full details of a specific patient, providing visibility of all clinical documentation. Depending on the individual patient’s history, the view includes a variety of different tabs, for example GP tab providing GP information, adult social care, mental health.  


Specialist referrals 

An instant referral system used to refer inpatients and outpatients to AHP services such as Physiotherapy. Referrals automatically appear in patient notes, on the ward’s e-whiteboard and on reviewing lists, enabling fast action, audit tracking and reporting functionality.  



Tasks include a range of patient assessments such as height & weight, fall risk or nursing specialist assessment, supporting clinical colleagues in ensuring appropriate forms are completed at the most appropriate time. Tasks can be issued automatically, scheduled or triggered by other action such as patient history or admission circumstances, and can also be integrated with alert functionality to provide recurring reminders.   



A fast, easy way to transfer patients using barcode scanning technology. Using the ppm+ mobile app, the patient’s identification wristband is scanned, followed by the room and bed barcode identifiers, allocating a patient to a specific bed.  


Virtual Ward 

Virtual Ward enables GP practices and integrated health and social care teams to support timely discharge, seven days a week, with real-time access to a set of complete information about a patient’s stay.


Ward View or Multi Patient View (MPV) 

This view within ppm+ provides an overview of all patients on a specific ward and associated information about their inpatient stay, such as observations.



Provides a customisable view of different areas of ppm+ functionality - currently in development