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Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial


In the absence of evidence for the effectiveness of treating Covid-19, this trial is looking at the effectiveness of a drug Remdesivir, an anti-viral medication.  This is an adaptive study, which means that if new agents become available, they may also be introduced as a treatment.  This will all go through appropriate Covid-19 ethical review.


Participants will be randomised into receiving either

  • Standard care and placebo saline
  • Standard care and Remdesivir

Who can participate?

Patients will be eligible if they are:

  1. Aged at least 18 years
  2. Hospitalised with COVID symptoms and diagnosis
  3. Has lung symptoms:
  • including radiographic infiltrates OR
  • clinical assessment of rales, crackles AND SpO2 or room air OR
  • Requires supplemental oxygen OR
  • Requires mechanical ventilation

4. If female of childbearing age, agree to either abstinence or contraception for 1 month

5. No medical history that might, in the opinion of the attending clinician, put the patient at significant risk if he/she were to participate in the trial

Patient Burden

Patients will receive daily drug or placebo for ten days.

Patients will closely be monitored while in hospital and will be followed up on three occasions once they are discharged.