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ImmunoCovid - Coronavirus infections in primary or secondary immunosuppressed Children


This is an observational study to investigate the impact of Covid-19 on children who are immunosuppressed.  The study is designed to allow a parent of immunosuppressed children and the children and teenagers to self-record their experiences each week via a website link. 

This study is complementary to the ISARIC/WHO study, also available for children to participate in.


This is a study which is considered a national priority.


As an observational study, treatment will be standard care.

Who can participate?

Patients will be eligible if they are

  1. Parent of an immunosuppressed patient aged less than 16 years, or immunosuppressed patients aged 16-17 years.
  2. +ve Covid Diagnosis
  3. Family able to complete the questionnaire which will be in English
  4. Reliable access to the internet