The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Research and Innovation

How to opt out

If we plan to include your information in this project, you will receive a letter directly from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 

There is no need to contact us in advance of receiving this letter. Please note that it will take several months to contact all patients involved and your information will not be included in the project until you have been notified and given the opportunity to opt out. 

If you have received a letter and would like to opt out, please do so by the date given in your letter. 

You can opt out by emailing or by calling 0113 206 0475 or 0113 206 0447

You can also opt out via the National Data Opt Out. However, this will result in opting your data out of being used for all NHS research and planning uses, not just from this Flatiron partnership. People who have already said, as part of the NHS National Data Opt Out, that they do not want their patient information being used, will not be included. 

If you choose to opt out after the date indicated in your letter, data collected on your care from that point onwards will not be included.