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The forum exists to offer peer support, facilitate knowledge transfer. education and training, alongside Research and Development, in order to retain an expert clinical research workforce within LTHT and facilitate high quality research for the benefit of patients.
The workforce engaged in all aspects of health research is directly contributing to the strategy of LTHT, University of Leeds and the Joint Research and Development office.


Translational and clinical research activity has been central to the Trust’s research strategy for some considerable time. Recent changes to the way in which the Department of Health (DOH) fund such activity has changed to more accurately reflect the output that is actually delivered locally. This funding may arise directly in the form of NIHR grant awards, or indirectly from the West Yorkshire Comprehensive Local Research Network in response to work carried out, for example, number of patients recruited; or pump prime the infrastructure required to support clinical research activity, e.g. pathology, pharmacy, radiology, research nurse support. In so doing it will improve the speed, quality and integration of research resulting in improved patient care.

In 2008 the Biomedical and Health Research Centre (BHRC) was established as a strategic partnership between the four science Faculties of theUniversityofLeedsand the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The centre will promote collaboration between basic sciences, translational, clinical and applied health research to create an internationally competitive centre of excellence in research. Academic excellence and Research and Innovation are a key goal for LTHT.

The BHRC in Leeds has been developed with the view that the strong science faculties which already have significant health care interests, working together with the Faculty of Medicine and Health and the NHS organisations inLeedscan deliver world-class research in response to global health care challenges.

Across LTHT there are personnel working in a variety of roles from research nurses, study coordinators, business managers and clinical trial administrators, to other allied health professionals whose role incorporates research activity. Whilst there are some well established teams across the Trust, others work in isolation or within very small teams will little support, or in some cases, research experienced professional line management.

In 2011 Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust made ‘Academic Excellence, Research and Innovation’ a fourth goal in recognition of the importance of maintaining a highly educated and skilled workforce to provide enhanced care and contribute to the evidence base of health and social care through world class research, in partnership with the University of Leeds.

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