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#BritishScienceWeek 2020: Michelle Foster, Healthcare Scientist in Audiology

9 March 2020

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Hi, my name is Michelle Foster and I am a Healthcare Scientist in Audiology. 

For me Hearing equals communication. In order to live well, we all need meaningful relationships and lives where we can connect with the outside world and others. Working in Audiology you get to help and support people with their hearing and therefore to ultimately live well.

Audiology is a great role as there are so many different aspects that someone can specialise into that are very interesting. There is adult diagnostics and rehabilitations, balance testing, tinnitus, implantable devices, paediatrics.

I have always loved science, as a child, I was fascinated with the human body and would sit for hours looking at ladybird How your Body Works books. This stayed with me through school and university where I studied sciences further. Audiology is the perfect combination of sciences with patient contact.

In a lot of cases, we managed patient’s cases and are responsible for their rehabilitative journey so you can form good relationships with the patients as they come in routinely.