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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Launches Healthcare-Entrepreneur Exchange Programme With Spain 

25 September 2020

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) is delighted to announce it will be involved in the Healthcare-Entrepreneur Exchange Programme (HEEP) from 2021. HEEP will build an exchange programme for clinicians-entrepreneurs and nurses-entrepreneurs working in the National Health Service (NHS) (UK) and Catalan Health Institute (ICS) (Spain), whereby the Top 3 winners of the Spanish and the British competitions get to spend a few days in the other country in order to receive mentoring and participate in a Bootcamp on business skills.

The programme will:

  • Provide visibility to both healthcare systems in each other´s ecosystem
  • Improve and strengthen the relationship between the leadership of HGTP, Salford Royal, Leeds Hospitals, ICS and NHS and the innovation management units  Open new communication channels in the grassroots networks that may lead to further collaborations Create a platform for international open innovation thus accelerating the creation of novel high-quality projects
  • Provide new opportunities for grassroots entrepreneurs in hospitals to develop their ideas and acquire new skills
  • Grow the innovation portfolio of the participating institution

More About The Scheme

Collaborations between Spain and the UK comprise a number of activities, with the two nations sharing a number of common projects for the betterment of the world. In the scope of healthcare, both ICS and NHS have its strengths and weaknesses and both systems have been repeatedly praised for its effectiveness, accessibility, equity and affordability. Therefore, the two healthcare systems would benefit of closer ties and collaborations, and could learn from each other.

This exchange program is the first structured programme of this sort. It is an opportunity for fostering collaborations and open innovation between two healthcare systems that have repeatedly proven to be some of the best in the world. The programme will empower grassroots innovators in order to develop the healthcare solutions of the future.

Key Dates: 

31st October for submission of proposals

16th Nov for selection of phase 1 winners

Nov - Dec 2020 (TBA) – 1 global training Workshops provided by Grant Thornton for developing your business case.

Dec 202 – Feb 2021 (TBA) – 2 x local level customised sessions with phase 1 winners

Feb 15th – Feb 28th Selection of winners

April/May 2021 exchange programme to Barcelona

For more information please see the guidance document here. 

To Apply fill in the application form here.