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Important Updates - Research Funding Applications

The pandemic has raised a lot of uncertainty for those applying for funding for research. As such, some aspects of funding process are more flexible, and changes are underway, sometimes at the last minute.

This page will include useful news/updates regarding research funding applications that go through LTHT R&I.

If you have any queries regarding the funding application process, please email the Research Funding Opportunities inbox via

Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Templates (SoECATs) & Finance Requests


The LTHT R&I department are working extremely hard to review and sign off SoECATs.

The process is as follows: 

SoECAT validation involves two levels of approval, first from LTHT R&I followed by CRN validation.

Visit the NIHR SoECAT website by clicking this link: Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template (SoECAT) guidance (

For further information on attributing costs follow the links provided:

Attributing the costs of health and social care research & development (

Annex A (

Please allow 10 working days for requests for LTHT R&I to approve the SoECAT.

After LTHT have approved the SoECAT, the approved version will be sent to the Yorkshire Humber Clinical Research Network (YHCRN) to be validated.

The YHCRN require 10 working days to review and validate your SoECAT.


For advice and for internal SoECAT approval, please email


Funding Costing Requests

Please allow 10 working days for funding costing requests to finance.

Ensure you have all of the required information in your request including full name, CSU, deadline and funding body.