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NHS study in Medicine Gaps

Do you take anticoagulants or statins?

This is an information notice about an NHS study in Medicine Gaps - no action required now.

Did you know, if you don’t take your tablets, you don’t benefit from them?

The Medicine Gaps study aims to explore the issue of missed medicine doses


By securely analysing non-traceable information from prescriptions. You cannot be identified personally through this study


To help you make efficient use of your medicines

To train healthcare professionals

Information about taking part

A Patient Information Leaflet will only be sent out to patients involved

Protecting your data

This study has permission to go ahead without consent, it is our duty to inform you. People who are taking part will be updated on ways to be excluded from this study.

Study approval

This project has been approved by  the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and the Health Research Authority. Information is protected through GDPR and the NHS Act 2006. Private businesses are not involved.

Contact the study team:  Dr Emma Kampouraki  e-mail:   telephone number: 0113 392 6856    

Postal address: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, X39, Great George Street, LS1 3EX, Leeds, UK

Data Controllers:

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals and GP Practices. Information Governance:

Mr Johnny Chagger, Head of Information Governance and Data Protection Officer: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 

Mr Steve Creighton, Principal Information Governance Manager: NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group