The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

What we do

Here in Leeds we sponsor a wide variety of trials covering most clinical areas ranging from early phase drug trials to large non-drug studies looking at preventing pressure ulcers. We have an active NIHR adopted portfolio of multi-site trials in areas such as cancer, rheumatology and cardiovascular disease. We also support less experienced researchers, with smaller budgets, in delivering smaller single site studies in diverse specialities such as reproductive medicine, surgery, pain management and anaesthetics. This approach ensures we have a broad portfolio of activity and, we hope demonstrates to investigators that if they have a good idea – we will try to support it.

If you have a research idea then please contact the R&I team for help and support. We work closely with, amongst others, the University of Leeds, the Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit, our local pharmacy, pathology and radiology teams to help turn ideas into protocols. We have our own internal monitoring programme to look after studies when they are up and running and we can when required offer a wide variety of support and advice on how to ensure your studies obtain all appropriate regulatory approvals as simply and quickly as possible.