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Eat well

Eat well and look after yourself

As you begin moving more, it’s really important that you are eating healthy foods that fuel your body. Healthy eating is about more than just managing your weight, it’s about keeping eating a balanced diet and a variety of foods including wholegrain carbohydrates, lean sources of protein and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Improving your nutrition

As you plan for your surgery, it’s important that you’re eating lots of different foods that give your body the energy and nutrients that it needs to recover more quickly and keep you in good health for longer. Aim to eat a healthy balanced diet. This will help give your body the extra energy it needs after the operation to heal your wound and prevent infection.

If you have lost your appetite and lost weight, you may find that eating small amounts more often is better for you. You can also see your GP who may prescribe nutritional supplement drinks. We know that patients who are malnourished or underweight have poorer surgical outcomes and stay longer in hospital so it is really important to get support with improving your nutrition before your operation. 


  • Eat well - information about how to eat a balanced diet, understanding food guidelines and food labels and digestive health.