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Managing your weight

If you're overweight, losing weight has many health benefits. Making small, simple changes to what and how much you are eating and drinking can really help.

Patients who are overweight and obese are at higher risk of complications from their surgery. This means the operation may take longer and you are more likely to have wound infections or need another operation if you do not recover well.

You may have heard of BMI (body mass index), which is a way to measure whether you are at a healthy weight for your age and height. The higher your BMI, the higher your chance of there being complications from your operation.


Need some support?
We’re working with the friendly One You Leeds team, who are available to provide support and guidance to help you manage your weight before and after your operation. Their free course is designed by experts and is proven to help you lose weight in a safe and sustainable way. You’ll find out more about nutrition, eating habits and how to be more active. 
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