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Nutrition 4 Cancer

Shapeup cancer nutrition

The most important message is to continue to “eat well”. Choosing a wide variety of foods and well-balanced diet can help you feel better and optimise your energy levels.

What will seeing a dietitian involve?

So that we can understand how best to support you through your programme, our team will carry out some simple nutritional assessments. You will see our specialist dietitian who will discuss your needs and future treatment to create an individualised plan to support you over the coming weeks.

Please raise any concerns to the team if you are having problems with weight loss or lack of appetite.

Should I be trying to lose weight prior to surgery?

Trying to lose weight is not generally encouraged prior to treatment. However, if you are overweight and have been advised to do so this should be under close supervision by your medical and dietetic team, due to the risks of losing muscle mass, strength and function.