The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

After surgery

It is normal to have a degree of swelling and bruising to your leg following surgery. If you have any concerns after discharge home, with anything, particularly your wound, pain or swelling please feel free to contact Ward C3 for advice, and assessment if indicated.

It is important that once you go home from hospital, you follow hip precautions when performing everyday activities. Please read the Total Hip Replacement: a guide to your rehabilitation leaflet for advice on the exercises you need to follow.

Returning to work

You may return to ‘light’ duties as soon as you feel able to do so and continue on ‘light’ duties for the first three months after your hip operation.


You may begin driving again six weeks after surgery providing you can do an emergency stop.


It is advisable that you avoid any sport which involves excessive movement of your hip (e.g. Yoga) or jogging or jarring of your hip joint (e.g. running, squash). Avoid swimming for three months. Please also refer to the booklet provided to you by your occupational therapist that includes a full list of sports and when they may be resumed.


Sexual relations may resume cautiously from six weeks to three months. The person with the hip replacement should lie on their back whilst their partner is on top. There are no limits after six months, however care should be taken to avoid excessive bending of the hip.

Precautions to remember at home after your total hip replacement

These restrictions apply for 6 weeks.

  1. Do not cross your legs
  2. Do not bend your hips past 90 degrees (a right angle)
  3. Do not lift your knee above your hip
  4. Do not twist your leg or waist