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Before surgery

On these pages we will provide you with all the information you need to get ready for your operation.  We will take you through what happens now you are on the waiting list, who you can expect to ‘meet’ whilst waiting for your date and the things you can do to be strong and ready for when the time comes to have your operation.

Hip exercises before surgery

It is important to start your exercises before your operation because this will help to make all the tissues and muscles around the hip much stronger so you are more able to get up and move after your operation.

Practising these exercises before your operation also helps you prepare for what is coming after your surgery - the recovery phase is sometimes called rehabilitation.

Why not try and get your family to join in with these exercises, see who can do them best and then after your operation everyone around is ready to support you as best they can.

Here are your exercises, in a step by step video. You can watch this as many times you like, maybe even have it playing when you are doing them. It’s important to do these exercises regularly - a diagram of each exercise is provided in the booklet given to you by your physiotherapist.