The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Going home

Discharge home after your operation

We aim to discharge you from hospital as soon as you are safe to go home.  In some cases this may be on the same day as the operation.  There are certain criteria that help the medical team know you are safe to go home, this includes;

  • Your wound is healing
  • You are able to walk independently with a walking aid
  • You can go up and down stairs, with you walking aid independently
  • You can lift and bend your operated leg 70 degrees.

Watch this video about preparing to go home after your operation and ways to help you knee recover when at home 

Driving after your operation

As a general guide, depending on your range of motion and your ability to perform an emergency stop, you should refrain from driving for around six weeks. It is essential you are able to perform an emergency stop without discomfort or hesitation before starting to drive again. It is also recommended that you inform your insurance company that you have had a joint replacement procedure.

Returning to work

Return to office work should be possible after approximately 2-3 weeks. If you have a job that involves heavy physical work you should leave 8-12 weeks before going back to work.

If you have any concerns after you are discharged home, particularly with your wound, pain or swelling please feel free to contact ward C3 for advice.