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Whilst waiting for your operation it is important to start doing exercises to help strengthen and prepare the muscles around you knee.  Doing these exercises before your operation will help you to regain full range of movement, reduce the swelling and restore strength back into the muscles and help you recover quicker after your surgery. 

The below videos are step by step guides of the exercises to strengthen and prepare your knee.  These are also some of the exercises you will be asked to continue after your operation. 

You should aim to perform these exercises 3-4times a day, performing each exercise 10-15 times, this will be guided by the physiotherapy team.

Breathing Exercises

Practice deep breathing exercises to reduce your risk of developing a chest infection. Regardless of your age and general fitness before your surgery, you are at risk of developing a chest infection, as it can take a while for your lungs to return to normal after the anaesthetic.

You can do this by taking a deep breath in, holding it for three seconds and then breathing out. Aim to do at least five of these every hour.