The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Employee Support Fund

Do you know someone who is in financial hardship? Perhaps their household income has fallen or they've been landed with an unexpected bill?

If you know a staff member who’s financial circumstances have changed, for example as a result of COVID19, please let them know about the staff hardship fund, available to all staff members at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

This fund has always been available for staff, but has recently been supported with a £25,000 grant from our charity Leeds Cares, which means we should now be able to support many more people.

Anyone can apply for support from the fund - including bank and locum staff - you just need to be currently working at one of our hospital sites.
To apply for the fund complete the application form by clicking here. All completed forms to be sent to

Each application is assessed on a case by case basis, and your request for support will remain entirely confidential.

 To download a flyer to share with your colleagues please click here

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