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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is crucial for staff wellbeing. Money and work go hand in hand. 

A recent survey has shown that:
8%  of employees have spent time during the working day dealing with money problems.
1 in 4  employees say money worries affect their productivity in work. 30% of employees are making uninformed financial decisions about spending or saving. 58% of employees would value support from employers to help their financial well-being

Together, we can help change this.

It’s almost impossible for anyone to leave their personal life at the door when they come to work, especially when they are worried about money.  Feeling in control of finances is important for confidence, both at home and at work.

Useful Contacts for Money Matters

CareFirst EAP

User name:leedsteaching


0800 174319

Immediate advice and counselling on a range of personal & work based issues

Citizens Advice

Offers advice on benefits, debt & money

Leeds Credit Union

0113 2423343

Loans, Savings & other services

Money Saving Expert

Deals & money saving advice

Step Change Debt Charity

0800 1381111 

Free debt advice

The Money Advice Service

 0800 1387777

Free and impartial money advice, set up by government



Advice on making a will from Care First.

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 Accord Legal Services

 Free will writing worth £200

For more information call 0843 5065115 or email

Accord Legal Services wants to ‘give something back’ to key workers so are offering free will writing service across the country.

People working in NHS organisations across the country have taken them up on the offer, including those from Norfolk and Norwich University Foundation Trust and East of England Ambulance Service.

A spokesperson for Accord said: “This pandemic has proved that none of us know what is around the corner. Making a Will may not be at the top of everybody’s list of priorities right now, but it is nonetheless vitally important. We want to make it easier than ever before for our key workers to cross this task off their to-do list.”

Free Wills with Bequeathed

Through Leeds Cares partnership with Bequeathed, you can write your will for free online. It’s simple to use and most people can complete their will online hassle-free.


Write your will online with Bequeathed

Will writing process

The will writing process starts with an online interview. You will find detailed guidance and chat support that will help you progress at your own pace.  The answers you provide are used to generate your will.  When you have completed your will it can be downloaded for signature, just follow the instructions on how to sign it in front of witnesses.

Through Leeds Cares partnership with Bequeathed, you can write your will for free online. It’s simple to use and most people can complete their will online hassle-free.

However, if you discover that you have some more complex issues, Bequeathed can connect you with a trusted solicitor so you can complete your will. 

Dunham McCarthy Free Will Drafting Service.


Dunham McCarthy provide Will drafting services entirely free of charge to numerous public and private sector organisations - including Leicester, Wolverhampton, Stoke and Birmingham City Councils, Nationwide NHS trusts, Schools, Fire Service and Prison Service,  helping staff members and their partners write their Wills free of charge.

There are no fees involved for the employer, employees or member, ordinarily we would charge £199 to produce a Will, however under this offer all fees are waived and there are no hidden costs. The reason we are willing to provide the service without charge is simple, clients often engage us to help in other areas such as trust drafting, tax planning, powers of attorney and family protection.
Dunham McCarthy is a member of the ‘Institute of Professional Will Writer’s' and aim to encourage people to make their Will at a younger age. In order to achieve our aim we are working with authorities, charities, NHS trusts, School’s and Universities to offer staff or member benefits to employees, by providing an entirely free Will drafting service.

You can view our NHS brochure which gives details on the staff benefit by following  NHS staff employee brochure.

More information on the service is available on our website

To take the opportunity of the free Will writing service please book your initial 30 minute telephone appointment by visiting our Online Booking Service or, calling our head office on 01785 336 222.



Winston Solicitors introduced the offer in order to give key workers in the NHS and care industry peace of mind during the Covid-19 pandemic and the firm has been praised by NHS Community Midwifery team leader, Ms Petra Mullen, who is one of the first people to benefit from the free will making service.

Petra Mullen, who is an NHS Community Midwifery team leader, said: “It’s something I have been meaning to do for ages, but like many busy, working people it has got pushed to the bottom of a very long to-do list! Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, death has been brought to the forefront of more people’s minds – especially when you work on the frontline. You never want to think it will happen to you, but you can see first-hand the extra pressure it puts on the families of those that have died without a will. It’s great that Winston Solicitors has given me the chance to make a will free of charge and I feel much more organised and confident that everything will be properly taken care of.”

Howard Cohen, who has over 35 years’ experience, specialising in wills, estate planning, Lasting Powers of Attorney and probate work, including taxable estates, is a partner at Winston Solicitors. He said: “Throughout my career, I have been able to help many people gain a sense of control over what will happen after they die. It is often older people or those that are vulnerable or disabled that make a will, but people of all ages really should do it - especially if there is a change in their circumstances - including getting married or divorced, having children, moving house, or moving into a care home.   

“It is a terribly sad fact that many people will die during the coronavirus pandemic. When a person dies without making a will, intestacy rules automatically apply and these can be frequently unfair and fail to take into account the wishes of the person who dies, which in turn will cause significant hardship to loved ones. This particularly affects unmarried partners.

“We understand that because of this dreadful virus, more people are at risk, and we want to support those people who are working on the frontline by providing professional wills for free. It’s our way of showing our heartfelt thanks and appreciation of our heroic NHS and workers in the care sector.

“The message we want to get across to everyone is that it is essential that they make a will if they wish to ensure those they love and care for are adequately provided for. We understand that people don’t want to focus on the worst case scenario, and that it can be upsetting to even think about a will, but it really is the only way to be certain that an individual’s wishes are fulfilled.

“Another thing that puts some people off making a will is concern about who to name as an executor. Many people feel it’s a lot of responsibility to give or they might not have any close family. Disputes within families and people who have children with different partners or more complicated living and financial circumstances, can also create problems, and we often get asked to act as executor as a result.”

Winston Solicitors is keen to emphasise that it is able to provide its services in a safe manner. Howard added: “Some people might be worried that because of the coronavirus it’s not possible to make a will, as they can’t visit a solicitor, or they are vulnerable or ill. Our client’s safety is our priority, which is why we are talking to people over the phone as well as offering face-to-face advice via video on Zoom, FaceTime and other apps. We are sending correspondence via email and post and also advising people on how to obtain two witnesses, whilst maintaining social distancing. Its essential people fully understand what they are doing when making a will, and that they are not under any pressure or influence. Talking to a professional solicitor is the best way to make sure everything is above board and it also often brings up key aspects of inheritance that people may not have even considered.”

Winston Solicitors is also warning people who already have a will to review it now. Howard concluded: “Wills can easily become out of date or inefficient in terms of tax. Also a large proportion of people have no recollection of what they actually put in their will. We would recommend reviewing a will at least every five years, or if there is any significant change in personal circumstances.”

Howard is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and has a Step Advanced Certificate in Administration of Estates and in Administration of Trusts. He is a Solicitors For The Elderly (SFE) Full Accredited Member and he provides trusted advice on all areas of family law including divorce, matrimonial finance, cohabitation disputes and children issues. For more details email or call Winston Solicitors on 0113 320 5000.