The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Health and Wellbeing Champions

Becoming a Staff Health and Wellbeing Champion is a voluntary role, which is open to any member of Trust staff.  All that we require is enthusiasm and commitment to the health and wellbeing agenda and to support the Trust to improve the health and wellbeing of our workforce. 

 Staff Health & Wellbeing Champions will:

  • Promote key health and wellbeing campaigns to staff within their department. This includes those outlined in the Staff Health & Wellbeing Campaign Plan (agreed annually) e.g. supporting Public Health England’s stop smoking initiative ‘Stoptober’ and promoting Mental Health Awareness Week. Activity could include: displaying promotional materials within the work environment e.g. notice boards or information stands.
  • Provide information to colleagues about activities and initiatives within the Trust and provide updates on new developments e.g. at team meetings or via email circulation.
  • Actively promote and encourage colleagues to participate in health and wellbeing initiatives within the Trust, such as exercise classes, Mindfulness, team challenges.
  • Actively seek feedback from colleagues regarding what is supporting their health and wellbeing within the Trust, what is missing and what could be improved/done differently.
  • Develop a system for storing information and resources to act as a helpful point of contact for colleagues on a range of health and wellbeing issues.
  • Maximise opportunities to encourage and motivate colleagues to improve their own health and wellbeing in a non-judgemental and supportive way.


To support this role, Staff Health & Wellbeing Champions will

  • Have access to the Staff Health & Wellbeing Team.   
  • Be kept up to date on health and wellbeing issues within the Trust.
  • Receive information on health and wellbeing training and development opportunities e.g. Introduction to Health and Wellbeing Training.
  • Network with other Staff Health and Wellbeing Champions (facilitated by the Staff Health & Wellbeing Team).
  • Contribute to the organisation and implementation of Trust events and initiatives.
  • Be asked to feedback on how the role is going and any improvements required.


If you would like to register to become a health and wellbeing champion click here.